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SK Restaurants is dedicated to building leading brands across multiple restaurant formats that target diverse market segments, with brands reflecting the commitment to operational efficiency and enhanced hospitality. Our goal is to drive consistent growth via franchise and joint venture partners globally.

If you’ve got the same zeal, vision and capability, then you got to be here with us!

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As a part of the site selection process, an SK Restaurants Franchise Business Support Manager will help the franchisee assess and select an appropriate site. SK Restaurants will provide a defined process and format based on which the site selection shall be done. This will be done keeping in mind major traffic generators and location specific financial viability models. SK Restaurants would provide 3 full day visits to the city for location search by the Franchise Business Support Manager.
SK Restaurants will provide ongoing training to franchisees and store managers on new processes and systems that improve restaurant profitability. The staff will also undergo rigorous training at the outlet on all relevant systems and processes, by the trained Chef and Manager, to ensure excellence in execution. The training of these Chef and Manager is done at SK Restaurants by a team of experts, on a regular basis.
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor oversees the structure and product offering of the menus at each restaurant brand. The marketing team analyzes consumer behavior and plans new menus and product offerings. There will be a minimum of three menu upgrades or festive specials per year.
To ensure consistency of the brand experience, SK Restaurants will train and provide an Executive Chef and a Restaurant Manager. They will be posted in the city of the brand’s location and will be on the payroll of the franchisee. The Executive Chef will undergo a training and certification process designed by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The Restaurant Manager will be trained in restaurant management, operations, sales and marketing.
SK Restaurants will provide brand guidelines and advertising templates along with training as part of local marketing support.
Based on information provided, SK Restaurants will analyze local purchasing power parity in relation to projected restaurant cost parameters to develop pricing with a goal to maximize profitability.

SK Restaurants has built a network of vendors across the country that supplies the necessary equipment and material required for setup of the restaurant brand at competitive price points. SK Restaurants will extend the benefits of a nationally governed alliance to the franchisee. Training will be provided on optimal inventory management and procurement methods.

SK Restaurants will provide software that integrates point of sale, human resources management, order management, sales/revenue management, purchasing and inventory management, marketing process management in a progressive touch screen user interface.

SK Restaurants will provide a design manual, which provides guidelines on setup of the restaurant brand. To ensure standardisation of the restaurant brand, all site designs will have to be approved by SK Restaurants. SK Restaurants will provide the franchisee with a list of preferred architects that provide services at competitive price points.

SK Restaurants will assess business volume and work flow structure to design an ergonomic space that maximises kitchen staff efficiency, with the help of a kitchen designer. SK Restaurants will provide the franchisee with a list of preferred kitchen consultants that provide services at competitive price points.

SK Restaurants will provide regional heads to support franchisees on reaching 5 outlets in the region. They will travel periodically to the restaurants and guide the franchisee on top-line and the bottom-line improvement.

SK Restaurants will publish a monthly balance score card that rates franchisees based on performance parameters such as customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. As part of the business performance overview and continued business support the balance score card will be discussed with the franchisee.

Keeping in line with the values and culture of the organization, SK Restaurants will actively seek and recognize excellence in delivery of brand promise and business performance. All franchises as well as equity restaurants are governed by the same set of parameters.

As part of SK Restaurants corporate governance and in order to ensure the highest standards of service levels as well as adherence to brand guidelines, SK Restaurants will perform a monthly mystery customer audit as well as an operational health audit.

To help run the business most effectively, SK Restaurants will provide training that enables the franchisee to review and optimize the business leveraging the software, systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Finalise the desired location as per site specifications in consultation with SK Restaurants.
  • Support on staffing the restaurant as per schedule with optimal manpower based on guidelines provided by SK Restaurants. Follow systems and processes for restaurant operations as per guidelines provided by SK Restaurants.
  • Promote the restaurant locally in accordance with SK Restaurant’s marketing guidelines using advertising Campaigns and PR initiatives. Ensure the restaurant opens as per the scheduled time lines.
  • Adherence to excellence in restaurant operations.
  • Develop a staff management and rewards program to recognize excellence in delivery of brand promise and business performance.
  • Participate in national marketing campaigns.
  • Share profit and loss statements of the restaurant on a monthly basis.


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